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March 14, 2011 / Kyle

Moodle as a Curriculum and Information Management System by Jason Hollowell


Moodle as a Curriculum and Information Management System is a book a little out of the ordinary. Instead of covering all the basics of Moodle in extreme detail, this book takes a different approach and covers everything which professional educational institutes are really interested in…. how to do things right the first time.

This book is not aimed at the beginner, but the professional Moodle administrator who really wants to maximize their Moodle usage and really push all of the documents onto Moodle. These days a large amount of people use Moodle just for teaching and don’t really consider using it as an information management system.

This book covers in detail, all the steps necessary for converting your Moodle from a simple course page into a stable, easy to navigate information management system through customization of roles, menus and pages.

Chapter 8 covers all you need to know about setting up a Student Information Service which can be easily accessible over the web, which can be a daunting (if not expensive task) if other proprietary systems are used.

The main focus of this book is customization, so a good technical head is needed for this book. If you are a Moodle administrator and really want to squeeze every last drop out of your Moodle, this book is for you. Weighing in at just over 300 pages, this book is comprehensive to say the least!

Check it out here!


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