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March 14, 2011 / Kyle

Moodle Security by Darko Miletić review


I got a chance to review some of Packt Publishing books recently and over the next week,
each of the reviews will appear here. The first I got a peak at was a book titled “Moodle Security”.

Moodle Security by Darko Miletić covers everything you need to know about securing your Moodle from the ground up.  If you are a beginner to the field of hosting your own Moodle and have not had much experience (that’s a good name for it isn’t it?) being a Moodle administrator this book is well worth a look.

Everything is pretty much covered in this book from learning about file and folder permissions all the way up to user permissions and everything in between.

One of the more interesting sections of this book was the “Protection Against Bots” section which takes a whole different slant on Moodle Security.  At the end of the day, Moodle is an information treasure chest, which is exactly how the bots on the Internet view it. Sometimes small seemingly harmless considerations which we all make such as allowing user profile to be public can have unforeseen consequences…. and seen consequences in the case of e-mail spam.

This book gives a good comprehensive insight to the security issues for both Linux and Windows operating systems with examples of common PHP and web server security issues with example solutions to secure them. It is these little tips which the novice needs to keep
in mind when taking on the task of hosting a Moodle, a lot of which often get overlooked.

The chapter titled “Securing Moodle Data” covers everything you need to know about
keeping full control on all user data. Little extras such as password salting which may
not have been thought about by the novice admin.

My favorite chapter in this book was “Monitoring User Activity” which describes some
interesting uses for Moodle logs and different way to monitoring user usage.

All in all, this book is definitely worth a look for the beginner and anyone who hasn’t really thought too much into the security aspects of Moodle.  This book can be seen as a manual
for someone who is really serious about getting the best out of their Moodle installation and really having full control over it.

Although this book is jammed full of really interesting ways to get the best about your Moodle, it is really easy to read and best of all does not have any filler content. Nothing beats a book that doesn’t beat around the bush.

Check it out here

~ Kyle


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